Rights & Responsbilities


As a community member you have certain Rights and Responsibilites while participating in programs at Hulitan Family and Community Services Society. These commitments help us all to be successful.

Your Rights

your rights moose icon • Confidentiality. What you talk about remains confidential within the legal limits.
• Services that add to independence, self-sufficiency, self-esteem and quality of life.
• Have an orientation to the programs and services you are using.
• Access both your paper file and your HOMES file online (speak to your counselor).
• Be treated with dignity and respect without discrimination based on ethnicity, religion, gender, age or mental and physical abilities, and sexual orientation.
• Express concerns and complaints without fear of reprisal or barriers to services.
• Involved in creating your own individual treatment plan and setting your own goals.
• Be referred to alternate or additional community services and resources.
• Evaluate the services you receive.

Your Responsibilities

your responsibilities bear paw icon • Make every effort to show up for scheduled counseling and visits.
• Notify your counselor within a reasonable time, if you cannot make an appointment.
• Be open to positive change within yourself and your family.
• Treat all Hulitan employees with dignity and respect.

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Your Rights & Responsbilities

As a Community member you have certain Rights and Responsibilites while participating in the Programs at Hulitan. These commitments help our staff and you, to be successful.

Code of Ethics

All counselors abide by two Codes of Ethics, the Traditional Native Code of Ethics, as well as, the British Columbia Association of Social Workers Code of Ethics.

Grievance Policy & Appeals

The Society maintains a , Grievance Policy and Appeals Process by which a client can file a grievance, without any retaliation or barriers to services. All concerns are important to us.