Grievance Policy & Appeals

Grievance Process

The Society maintains a grievance process by which a client can file a grievance. As a result of using the grievance process, clients will not suffer any retaliation or barriers of service.

Levels of Review

Child and Youth Mental Health Program Icon The grievance process can be found in the Client Orientation Package. It is reviewed with all clients upon intake. The process outlines the efforts that will be made to resolve the complaint. Complaints will be addressed by the Society in a timely and respectful manner. The client is notified in writing, when the steps indicate, as to the action taken to address the complaint. All complaints will be documented and reviewed quarterly to determine trends to identify.

• Time frames for reviewing the complaint.
• Rights and responsibilities.

Grievance & Appeal Procedure

Child and Youth Mental Health Program Icon All concerns are important to us, as they help us to reexamine our services and improve the quality of those services. Community members who bring us concerns will not experience any negative consequences for expressing complaints or concerns.

Step 1
Tell your counselor. He or she will help you fill out the complaint form if you need. If you are not comfortable telling your counselor, go to Step 2.

Step 2
Talk to the Hulitan Family & Community Services Supervisor, Shannon Brower. She will set up a meeting to talk with you about your complaint within 5 working days. You may bring a friend or family member with you if you like. Your complaint should also be submitted in writing.

Step 3
If you do not agree with the decision made, you may also talk with the Hulitan Family & Community Services Executive Director, Kendra Gage. You must give her facts about your complaint in writing, and she will respond to you within 5 working days.

Step 4
As a final step, you may address the Hulitan Family & Community Services Society Board of Directors. This must also be done in writing. The Board will address the issue at their next meeting and inform you of their decision within 5 days of the Board meeting.

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Your Rights & Responsbilities

As a Community member you have certain Rights and Responsibilites while participating in the Programs at Hulitan. These commitments help our staff and you, to be successful.

Code of Ethics

All counselors abide by two Codes of Ethics, the Traditional Native Code of Ethics, as well as, the British Columbia Association of Social Workers Code of Ethics.

Grievance Policy & Appeals

The Society maintains a , Grievance Policy and Appeals Process by which a client can file a grievance, without any retaliation or barriers to services. All concerns are important to us.