Codes of Ethics


All counselors abide by the Traditional Native Code of Ethics as well as the British Columbia Association of Social Workers Code of Ethics.

Traditional Native Code of Ethics

code of ethics icon1 • Give thanks to the Creator each morning upon rising and each evening before sleeping.
• Seek the courage and strength to be a better person.
• Showing respect is a basic law of life.
• Respect the wisdom of people in council.
• Once you give an idea it no longer belongs to you, it belongs to everyone.
• Be truthful at all times.
• Always treat your guests with honour and consideration.
• Give your best food and comfort to your guests.
• The hurt of one is the hurt of all.
• The honour of one is the honour of all.
• Receive strangers and outsiders kindly.
• All races are children of the Creator and must be respected.
• To serve others; to be of use to family, Community or nation is one of the main purposes for which people are created.
• Observe moderation and balance in all things.
• Know and practice those things that lead to your wellbeing, and avoid those that lead to your destruction.
• Listen to and follow the guidance given to your heart. Expect guidance to come in many forms; in prayer, in dreams, in solitude and in the words and actions of Elders and real friends.

Copley, J. (1987, August). Native Code of Ethics. Western Native News, Lethbridge, Alberta.

British Columbia Social Workers Code of Ethics

code of ethics icon3 • A social worker shall maintain the best interest of the client as the primary professional obligation.
• A social worker shall respect the intrinsic worth of the persons she or he serves in her or his professional relationships with them.
• A social worker shall carry out her or his professional duties and obligations with integrity and objectivity.
• A social worker shall have and maintain competence in the provision of a social work service to a client.
• A social worker shall not exploit the relationship with a client for personal benefit, gain or gratification.
• A social worker shall protect the confidentiality of all professionally acquired information. She or he shall disclose such information only when required or allowed by law to do so, or when clients have consented to disclosure.
• A social worker who engages in another profession, occupation, affiliation or calling shall not allow these outside interests to affect the social work relationship with the client, professional judgment, independence and/or competence.
• A social worker shall not provide social work services or otherwise behave in a manner that discredits the profession of social work or diminishes the public's trust in the profession.
• A social worker shall promote service, program and agency practices and policies that are consistent with this Code of Ethics and the Standards of Practice of the BC College of Social Workers.
• A social worker shall promote excellence in her or his profession.
• A social worker shall advocate change in the best interest of the client, and for the overall benefit of society.

BC Association of Social Workers (2011, August). BCASW Code of Ethics. Website, Code of Ethics Page. BC Association of Social Workers Code of Ethics

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As a Community member you have certain Rights and Responsibilites while participating in the Programs at Hulitan. These commitments help our staff and you, to be successful.

Code of Ethics

All counselors abide by two Codes of Ethics, the Traditional Native Code of Ethics, as well as, the British Columbia Association of Social Workers Code of Ethics.

Grievance Policy & Appeals

The Society maintains a , Grievance Policy and Appeals Process by which a client can file a grievance, without any retaliation or barriers to services. All concerns are important to us.